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I’ve joined Oraia Helene and others on a month long daily practice commitment. I realized after I signed up as it were, that I didn’t know what I wanted as a daily practice.

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I’ve tried for years to adopt daily prayers or daily meditation. I’ve never been successful at either. I always felt like I was forcing myself to do it, or that the practice would fast become rote rather than ritual. So I’ve been thinking, and thinking always leads me to writing.

My daily practice is going to be, very likely brief, meditations on witchcraft. What does my practice mean to me kind of stuff. Right now time is a challenge for me. I don’t have enough. When I get extra time, I’m often exhausted and thus unable to use that time for much more than rest. Because I’m overwhelmed, I struggle to meditate or clear my mind. I can’t easily get into magical headspace. I plan on using theses brief posts to get back the balance I need.

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