I don’t identify as Wiccan. It’s not that “Wicca is to mainstream” or whatever. However, I do loosely follow the Wiccan calendar.  I add/remove holidays as I see fit. In many cases, the full or new moon is more meaningful to my practice than most of the cross-quarter holidays.  However, this is a musing on Ostara or the Spring Equinox.

 I live in southern California.  Los Angeles really doesn’t have seasons. The week leading up to the equinox was a heat wave with temperatures in the 90s.  I love the poetry of winter giving way to spring, but here, it’s a subtle poetry.  Like many pagans, I use the seasons to mark changes – changes I want to make in myself, my life, my world.  And I’m sure it’s not earth-shattering that I use the equinox for “planting” goals for the coming year.  I also use it to wake up. To shake off lethargy, navel gazing, and for me dwelling on failures.  


This year I’m adding discovery to the equinox. I’m discovering my new neighborhood. I’m discovering the wild parts of my backyard and my city. I have cats, a rabbit, opossums, and more birds than I can identify. I have blooming flowers, whose names and energies I don’t know.  I’m also discovering this phase of my life.

While I’ve spent too many years “planting seeds” to toss that away, I’m less focused on seeds and more focused on what is new.