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Planning rituals.  4 years ago, I set out on a mission to celebrate every holiday 8 sabbats, each full moon, and each new moon.  I managed all of them (and my witchy partner made most of them too). 

Thus began my rethinking of ritual.  My witchy-partner and I began writing our own rituals and rethinking the purpose of sabbats and esbats.  

When it is time for ritual now, the first question I ask is “what do I need from this ritual?”  The moon phase and the season play a part in my rituals, but they do not determine the content.  

This week is the full moon.  As it is only a little past Ostara, I’ll be including some emphasis on new growth – I’ll be looking at what I want to cultivate this year.  As it is the full moon, that suits the growth idea as well.  

I’ll work on editing and revising the ritual over the next few days. I’ll collaborate with my witchy-partner on these drafts.  Eventually, we’ll have something that suits each of our paths and needs.

I’m also enamored with the sheer number of names for the full moons.  April is called pink, salmon, sprouting grass, egg, fish, seed, awakening, flower, grower’s, and a new one for me wildcat.  I like to consider the cultures and world views that named these moons.