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I recently took a stress management class.  It was offered through one of the colleges I teach at.  According to the stress quiz, I have too much stress.  If I’m taking a stress management class, it does seem obvious that I have stress.  Mine was higher than I expected.  What stood out to me was a brief digression into visualization techniques.  Apparently, “visualization” is all the rage in professional sports.  Most witches probably use some form of visualization, and even most pagan rituals incorporate some.  I’ve used it in my practice, and for a brief time, was using it regularly during some amazing guided meditations.  I realized that I have never used visualization outside of my practice.  I’ve never done whole visualize your success thing.  I’m going to try it.   

the last time I tried one of the 20 minute guided meditations, I couldn’t stay focused for even half of it.  My current yoga practice is marred by my current inability to get out of my own head.  
I’m committing to working on lessening my stress.  I’m not sure how I will manifest this, but I’ll find a way.  Keeping up with my yoga is part of it,  Maybe I can find a little time just for me in the week.  I need to start reading fiction again.  The facilitator of the class recommended the “Scientific Seven Minute Workout”  –  admit, it’s a workout with scientific in the title – so I’m skeptical.  It contains 2 common exercises that due to my disability I cannot complete.  I’m going to see if I can find alternatives to those – after all I have to be able to find seven minutes.
I’ve been working on saying “no” more often – and I’m prioritizing my time better.  I’m accepting that i cannot do everything.  It’s hard, to give up things I’d like to do, but it means i can do the really special things.
I’m working with short meditations now.  Trying for five minutes at a time.