Dear George: thanks for address points about sexual violence that no one brought up. The complaints about sexual violence in GoT have largely been centered around 2 points, neither of which do you address.

1. Rape without consequence for the victim. Essentially she just brushes it off and moves on – if you are so concerned about accuracy, why not look at how actual people suffer? Seriously in the US, 1in 6 women could help you out there.

2. Rape as plot device. I.e. women can’t have any other motivation to do anything unless they have been raped. The TV writers can’t think of any other reason for a woman to be motivated to do something for any other reason? There are decades of other stereotypical motivations for women you could choose from: protecting her kids, spurned in love, in love, religious conviction, to name a few.
No criticisms, at least that I have seen, have said you can’t show rape. All of them have been clearly about the above 2 issues.

As to your claims about historical accuracy, you chose to include dragons, magic, a giant ice wall, zombies, magic tree people… I’m not a medieval historian, but I am 100% certain NONE of those choices are historic. None. So help me out here George, what part of being historically “honest” is a cult where I can literally wear someone else’s face?

What part of historically accurate is rape victims suffering no consequence? What part of rape as the only motivator for women is historically accurate?
You mentioned Joan d’Arc her motivation was religious fervor (perhaps mental illness), and a desire to change the world she lived in. Look historically accurate motivation without rape.

“George R.R. Martin Fires Back…”