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The most profound experience I have had with death took place at a Samhain ritual two years ago.  As rituals go, I can’t share a lot of details (rules and all that).  I can say that involved calling a couple of deities connected to death, and inviting them into me.  It ended up being a dreamy, surreal experience.  The idea was to learn from death and death related deities – a kind of “death is not the end” lesson.  What I ended up with was a very long (or very short) night watching events unfold filtered through Their eyes.

Death (Endless) with coffee cup

Death (DC Comics)

The ritual progressed as expected.  It felt good, a lot of energy – a lot of processing of my respective goals.  My partner in all things witchy and I decided, as the ritual wrapped up early enough – and it was Halloween season – to hit the dance club.  Things stayed hazy – admittedly, there had been some imbibing, but not enough to last all night.  Certainly not enough to last the 30 minute drive into the city.  I was brave that night.  I was strong that night.  The social interactions, which would have terrified an introvert like me, were nonexistent.  I was bold and free.  I did not learn that death is not the end – I learned how to live.

Sometimes I believe that I was ridden by the gods that night, that they possessed me, only leaving sometime in the early morning – but only sometimes.

It remains one of the most profound ritual experiences I have ever had.  I haven’t repeated the ritual, and I know that it is not a ritual that I will ever take lightly.

Death (Endless) Dave McKean art

Death (Endless) Dave McKean art