I’ve been doing the online dating.  I know that is a privacy risk.  My picture is on my profile, and I clearly state that I’m married and poly.  I guess anyone on that dating site could run across my profile.  But I live in a huge city – there are like 7 million people in Los Angeles.  I was looking over profiles Monday night…  I saw a guy who looked familiar.  So I click on his profile (assuming that I had maybe looked at him before but forgotten).

I worked with him last semester.

Unless you have a paid account (which I don’t).  This site lets other people see who has viewed their profile.  He looked at mine this morning.  I wonder if he recognized me… It feels really awkward. Like I learned something private about him that he didn’t willingly share.

Luckily, it’ll be ages before I work with him again (if I ever do).  For once being an adjunct pays off.