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I promised myself that I wouldn’t blog about a bunch of bad dates…. However, this was too good to not share.   This guy and I seemed to have a lot in common.  We texted a few times, and he seemed ok.  I’ll admit that I wasn’t super excited, more just “eh this may be ok.”

Within the first ½ hour, he mentioned the “vindictive bitch” that “tricked” his best friend into having a baby.  Ok I know that some women lie about birth control.  But his anger toward this woman was off-putting to say the least.  I let it go – mostly because I was so shocked that someone on a date, with a woman, would say that.

We move on to movies.  He asks about Gone Girl.  I admitted to not seeing it because from the synopsis it seemed like “a misogynist piece of crap that perpetuated the ‘all women are crazy, vindictive bitches’ stereotype” – That actually slowed him down.   His choice to respond with “I guess someone could view it like that” is a red flag for me.  That specific phrase is often followed up by a dismissal of any criticism of media.  He did try to explain how the movie wasn’t playing on a stereotype – rather the character was just crazy.  I reminded him that I hadn’t actually seen it and that I wasn’t planning on it.

So far, this guy is doing well, right?  This was followed up with him explaining how “it takes a lot for him to get drunk… Scots/Irish genes after all…” Um, that’s not a thing.  Potentially this guy has a drinking problem that explains his requirement for an entire bottle of whiskey to get drunk, or perhaps he gets drunk and doesn’t realize it.  But it’s all cool as he really “prefers girly drinks anyway.”

His coup de grâce as it was –was the moment he decided to mansplain the English language to me.  Have I mentioned that I’m a professor of English? He knows that I’m a professor of English – but good gosh, I’m so glad that he explained how the language worked to me.  What with all those years of grad school and linguistics’ classes I can’t believe that I never learned how the language worked.

That was the time I made my goodbyes.  I think I managed a graceful, “it was nice to meet you,

I’ll see you around” – I hadn’t even gotten home when he texted to ask me out again – for tomorrow.

I am not known for my poker face.  I cannot believe I schooled my expressions well enough to hide what I was feeling at all.  So this guy was just that oblivious.

I’m officially on dating hiatus.