1. It still surprises me how many white men fail to see their privilege.  They mansplain, they dominate conversations, they don’t want a discuss – they want to pontificate.

2. I’ve never been a sex-separatist.  I’ve never bought into women-only utopias.  I may have to reconsider this view.

3. I’m always a little surprised when women at the club (that’s the goth clubs) wax poetic about how our clubs are a “safe space.”  Luckily, I haven’t been drunk enough to laugh aloud when I hear that.  It’s safe only in the sender that men aren’t aggressively trying to hook up.  So it’s “safe” only in the way that men mostly act like women are human. But I know for a fact that there are multiple abusers and rapists that are in the scene. In some cases, these are men in positions of power and respect.  Outsiders acting like assholes got tossed out, but we do nothing to police our own.  Perhaps it’s a safER space, but it is not safe