Mother of Wands: attractive, domestic, vibrant.
she’s a mother in command of her home and family.  She is fierce and strong.  She maintains her home even at great cost to herself.  “Often times she had overcome great pain and trauma”

This could easily be me. 

The Father of Wands: charismatic, creative
he is charismatic. People are drawn to him. He welcomes people with an open and loving heart. This is M.

Ace of Cups: “Love’s Beginning”
Beginning of exciting new phases. Expect to enter a blissful time of health, joy, and friendship. Allow these feelings to revitalize your spirit.

This is going to be challenging.

The Moon: Vivid Dreams & Fears
A place of dreams, fears, and mystery.  While the dark space can lead to greater exploration, but too much may lead to doubt & anxieties.