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This month’s vision quest was not the most intense, but it was the clearest.  I am going to use part of my existing novel to answer a call for submissions.  I have 2 other calls I’m considering.

I hadn’t expected anything about writing to come from a Morrigan vision quest.  But that’s what I got.  So I’m going to write.

Image of The Morrigan in the form of a woman wearing a red dress standing against a grey stormy background.  A raven is behind her.

I find I look forward to the work of the vision quests.  I find peace afterward.  I feel more and more at home with a variety of people at the shop, but even if I complete all the classes, I am not joining their grove.  I am considering joining another group… I’m going to look into it overt winter.
I set up my Samhain altar today.  I think it’s lovely.  I don’t use pictures as remembrances rather I use bits of poetry, fiction, or song.  I read them all aloud as I placed each on the altar.  I burned some Samhain incense (that I won in the raffle at Pagan Pride Day two years ago).  I placed my offerings.  

Samhain altar. Consisting of skulls, marigolds, a black mirror, candles, and a ouija board

The weather has started to cool off.  It’s been the low 70s most of the week.  Tonight it is raining.