I’ve had so much going on.  

I’m still involved with my Sailor.  It’s currently long distance, but he’ll back soon.  The time apart had also given me a chance to get closer to my metamour.  I find I really like her, even removed from the poly connection. 
Having another married poly friend is nice.  We’ve both found difficulties as married women in the local poly scene.  

I’m still seeing the Professor as well. I’m so glad he’s low maintenance – we manage to get together about every month, sometimes twice a month. I find our conversations alone are sexy. I often say that I’m sapiosexual – intelligence, real intellegence, is a major turn on for me.  The older I get, the less interest I have in men with no intellectual lives.  So the Professor fulfills that desire and then some.  

And as always there is my amazing husband.  He continues to support my relationships and my witchcraft. He and I have been upping our shared events too.  More museums and theaters for us.  The one element of poly that continues to surprise me is realizing how much more I love him, even as I explore my feelings for others.