I went to the ritual at my local witchy shop.  It was the standard ritual. It was, sadly, not particularly moving as rituals go.  It was full of cheer, and there are now so many people that I know.  Even if the ritual didn’t connect, it still feels like community.  

I avoid looking for signs and symbols in events… Of course this must be followed by a but… But… After the ritual my pentacle pendent broke.  I’ve worn it to every ritual I’ve attended or been part of for 23 years. 23!  It was a pewter piece, and one that I expected to break years ago.  It didn’t, until Saturday. It broke and the pieces fell, hitting my shoe. I felt it.  That section of the shop, for the first time all night was largely empty.  I found both pieces.  

I don’t like the idea of signs or omens. It seems to easy to attribute meaning to anything and everything.  That said, I’m viewing this as an opportunity to move forward. To really look at my current practice and see where it is going.