I declared 2016 was the year of “My Life”(the Billy Joel song).  I worked on owning my life choices, accepting them without shame or fear, and speaking honestly.

I’ve come out as poly to my mother. It went better than expected, but she is less than understanding. I’m adopting the Dan Savage “give it a year,” approach.  If after a year, her suggestion that I need to get divorced (and her new tact that my partner is clearly unhappy) didn’t change, then I will remove myself from her life.  

I’m trying to be more open/honest in other ways as well. I’ll mention seeing a therapist, being disabled, being pagan, and being poly casually. At work, I disclose less.  Like many people, I have no job security.  I’m working on not censuring myself when I talk about the things I care about.  

It was my year of finding my inner wolf.  Manifesting a fierceness. And perhaps finding my pack.   

This year, I didn’t attend Saturnalia, but I’ve decided this is my year of living deliciously.  In the amazing film “The Witch” the man in black asks Thomasin if she would “like to live deliciously?” – so this year I’m working on “living deliciously.” Saying yes to the sensual and hedonistic things. Saying yes to theater, dance, to experience. Making time for pleasure, self care, and the people in my life.