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I’ve been part of a heathenry/asatru meetup group for awhile now. Surprisingly, there aren’t any such groups in the area.  Oh there are some farther afield, in another county.  

The group had been fortunate to have a couple of wonderful, generous Heathens attend and share their knowledge.  At the last meetup, me and another member talked about creating a mission statement for the group. She hoped that it may help us recruit members who are seeking the same path.  I’d like to keep the group as egalitarian as possible, and I’d like to push for a social justice statement as well…

I’m both excited and scared of this step.  There’s a core group of maybe 6 of us, with varying levels of magical, pagan, and heathen backgrounds.  At least 2 of us are interested in Seidr, but I’m not sure if everyone is onboard with that. It’s a far more esoteric element, and perhaps the least tied to hard re-creation ( which attracts many to asatur/heathenry).  I admit that I’m also afraid of that level of intimacy and connection with a new group of people.  I find my trust so often misplaced.  

But I’m also excited. I’m brimming with ideas and practices I want to try and share. I want to build something inclusive, scholarly, familial, and ecstatic.  I want a group that functions without leaders, without hierarchy. I want everyone to have a voice, and to feel that they can explore this path.